Bastille Day 2001!


Maps and Travel Info

Here is some basic information to help you travel around Boston. The aquarium is located in Boston's financial district along the west side of Boston's inner harbor. For reference, Logan Airport is located on the east side of the inner harbor and can be seen from the docks of the aquarium. 

  Getting to the Aquarium: The Subway
While Logan Airport does not have a subway terminal at the airport (like Atlanta), there is a free shuttle (a bus) that will take you to and from the airport subway station on the blue line. Bus #22 serves terminals A and B, and Bus #33 serves terminals C, D, and E. When we did this on our last trip, the bus stop was at the lower deck, the buses were city buses (not charters), and "subway" was listed in the bus destinations scrolly thing. Many people take the buses to get to the T, so you can probably just follow the crowds.

Getting to the Aquarium: The Water Taxi
A convenient means of traveling between Logan Airport and the financial district (where hotels and the aquarium are located) is by water transport. Multiple ferries cross the harbor and rides generally cost about $10  a person ($17 for round trip). Shuttles leave the airport roughly every 10 minutes from 10 am to 8pm to take you to the ferry. A one-way ride takes about 10 minutes and gives you a nice view of the city. Tickets are sold on the ferries.

Note: Ferries run between different docks, so please make sure you get on a ferry that's going where you want to go (!). Several ferries run to Long Wharf, which is right next to the aquarium. The Wyndham is only a few blocks away, but please note that you have to cross under I-95, which is undergoing major construction. If you have a lot of luggage or arrive at night, you probably will want to consider other means of transportation.

Public Transportation (Subway & Buses)

Boston has a great public transportation system and is commonly referred to as the "T". The cost for a trip is $1.00 for the subway (with as many subway transfers as you want) or $.75 for the buses (exact change only...some buses don't take dollar bills as well). You can purchase a visitor pass that allows unlimited subway, bus, and inner harbor ferry travel ($6 for one day, $11 for three days).

NOTE: The subway stop for the aquarium will not be in service for the summer due to renovations. During this time the State station on the blue and orange lines will be named State/Aquarium and will be the stop closest to the aquarium. While there is bus service from this stop to the aquarium, you're probably better off just walking (a 10 minute walk vs a bus that comes every..half hour?)

The last train for the subway is around 12:15 am. Here is a printable time table of the train schedules.

Other Things to do in Boston

There are more touristy things to do in Boston than there are bad drivers in Atlanta. We might suggest that if you want to see some of the historical sites around the Boston area, you start in the touristy area (Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market and by the Aquarium) and see what interests you. A few "all-in-one" touristy options are:

  • The Freedom Trail: The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walk through Boston that visits a number of historical locations. The trail is marked by a long yellow(?) line on the ground, and lotsa families with irritated teenagers.
  • On-Again/Off-Again Trolleys: Hey it's America. Why walk when we can sit in traffic? There are a number of "trolley" companies in Boston that will sell you a day pass ($20+) that allows you to get on/off their trolleys as much as you want. Sure its touristy, but you get Historic Boston in a nutshell, plus a little entertainment when the trolley driver starts yelling at traffic, forgetting his microphone is still on. 
A few places you might want to check out include:
  • Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market: Like The Underground, but..above ground.
  • USS Constitution: "Old Ironsides" Ship and Museum (free)
  • Bunker Hill Monument: commemorates the....Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Hancock Building Observatory: Great view of downtown Boston ($6)
  • The Boston Common & Swan Boats: Visit Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack,
                                                                    Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.
  • Harvard Square: See where all those sweatshirts come from
  • Museum of Science:  See Dave and his HUGE Van de Graaff Generator! ($10)
  • Fenway Park and The Boston Beer Works (across from the stadium)
  • Cheers: Where nobody knows your name. Buy a t-shirt. Throw down like this guy.


    We don't make no claim that any of this is correct useful or spelled right
    Last Updated: June 19, 2001