Bastille Day 2001!

Hello Folks!
Welcome to our (late and style-lacking) web page about our wedding. We're just trying to give out some of the essential details, so please forgive us if this isn't so flashy. (Craig says he's new to computers..)

A Little Summary...
After almost five years of dating the beautiful and talented Amy, Craig finally manages to come to his senses and propose. At the plush, romantic setting of Atlanta's Krispy Kreme doughnut store on Ponce, Craig pops the question with a carefully picked pirate ring in hand. Still partially hypnotized by the cascading sugar-waves of the Krispy Kreme, Amy answers with a yes.. And so begins our incredibly comlpex saga of getting hitched.

If you're reading this...
...then chances are that you're invited to the wedding. We're just behind on the invitations. Actually we're behind on just about everything (This is Craig's fault. Amy and her mom have been pulling Craig's weight. And Craig's a big guy these days..too many doughnuts!). The important dates to remember are:

  • The ceremony will be in Boston on Bastille Day (July 14, 2001).  It will take place at the New England Aquarium (downtown Boston). 
  • A shower-like thing will take place in Washington, DC on June 16, 2001, thanks to the amazing Genevieve. Bring yer bowling ball.

Important Details

  • We do have 30 rooms reserved at the Windham Boston hotel downtown and are looking for additional rooms.
  • We recommend that you do not rent a car. Have you seen the traffic in Boston? And the parking..? Yikes. Details about transportation can be found in the maps section.
  • While the wedding is an evening wedding, it's not evening-formal (i.e., no need for tuxes or ellaborate evening gowns).
  • You can get into the Aquarium early to see the sea-critters for free. (more info to follow)
In-Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why Boston?
A: We have family there. (Boston is a fun / Atlanta is a boring) place to visit.
Q: Are there any food issues at the reception?
A: It should be mixed, with vegetarian and carnivorous options.
Q: Will there be a bar at the reception?
A: Yes, its open bar, but lets not have to fish anyone out of the harbor, ok?
Q: Will there be music/dancing at the reception? Who's house?
A: You bet, Throw down. Run's house.
Q: Are the Sox playing in town that weekend?
A: No, they are taking the weekend off to celebrate Bastille day with their families.
Q: What's wrong with my computer?
A: Hey, what's wrong with MY computer. You think you  have problems?

More Info to Come...
We'll post more info as we get it typed in. 

Yep. We're registered. Perhaps even certified. You can verify this yourself at your local Target, Crate & Barrel, and/or Rich's/Macy's. Yes there are some odd things on the know us.

Since several people asked, our address is:

Craig & Amy
485 Oakdale Rd. NE
Apt. 46-C
Atlanta, GA 30307


They came to Boston...

Last Updated: June 25, 2001