Noodle Projects and Miscellaneous

I originally put this page up as a place to post some of the technical projects I've been working on at home. Ha. As it turns out, I'm usually too tired to do anything but read slashdot after a long day at work followed by a few hours of fun with my family. In any case, here's where I'm putting things that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

The Camera-Phone Blog: information about, and pictures taken with my dorky little camera phone. Pictures get automatically posted to this blog. I finally wrote up some info about what's really going on.

Web Page Archives

Angry Noodle Front Page Archive: Every so often I change the front page on Angry Noodle for special events. Here's an archive of all the pages.

Wedding Announcement: Here's the announcement I put together for when Amy and I got married in 2001.

Grad School Bio: Here's a lame bio I used while in grad school.

Rochester Fall: For over 10 years I used Peter Monacelli's "Rochester Fall" print on the front page of my site. This was a short explanation.

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