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  Who is this dork

On the slim chance that someone who doesn't know me might stumble into AngryNoodle, I'm Craig. Currently I'm a grad student in Atlanta studying boring stuff that won't interest you. I am a firm supporter of breakfast foods. I do not have a library card, although I go to the library almost every day. I walked on four legs when I was a baby, two when I was older, will walk with three when I am old and need a cane, and will then walk on one leg when I invent my pogo-stick-based exoskeleton. I like Ralph Nader, but think he looks too much like Joe Paterno to be a politician. And yeah, I can go on like this for some time..

Amy is my wife and the person who puts up with me the most. She works in Lil'5pts and knows more interesting people there than I've met the whole time I've been in school. I'll let her write something better for this when she gets a chance..

  Friends of the Noodle
AngryNoodle gives the mad pope props to the following: is one of the sites that our friend Sat Kirpal is working on. I think Sat is the coolest person we know (see the profile on him in Creative Loafing). Be sure to check out the pictures from his bike ride around Spain. is the site that our friends Beth and Joe are writing. Beth n' Joe are our good friends from college (and pre-school for Amy and Beth). They live in New York now, and are fixing up this cool, old house. Check out Joe's wood-working projects (!).
Duck Zero is the new place for my friend Eric. You'll have to ask him what a DuckZero is (perhaps a place where they only exchange 0-day duckz). Eric has a history of writing good stuff, so I'm hoping he won't get bored with it.. is.... John Lockhart's place. John is a friend from school who knows all the answers to my nerd questions. He's so pro he's even got the golf shirts with his company logo on 'em.  And yes, that's the best picture I could come up with.
Kellegous! Ah, the Kellegous. Kellegous does the best job of keeping his izzo real and for the people, y'all.  If there are only two kinds of people in the world (Nicaraguans and Contras), Kellegous is definately a Contra. A Contra with mad style, yo..

Tim & Cambria  Tim & Cambria are good friends of ours that are working in the Peace Corps. Originally, they were stationed in Macedonia. After civil war broke out there, they got reassigned to Union Island, in the Caribbean. Here's my brother's website (hosted by me, btw). Mostly professional stuff, but he's starting to put up his rants about the oh-so-friendly Boston area. In a couple of years he'll be the next jaded Denis Leary (but with a Ph.D.).

  The Fine Print

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AngryNoodle exists simply for me. It gives me an excuse to do things, take pictures, and learn a little on the side. I don't do web work for a living and I'm far from being literate in any form. In real life I spend most of my day trying to figure out how to get other people's hardware to run faster and in different ways than the hardware was designed to operate. So don't be all bugging me about how there's a difference between "its" and "it's", or how whatever I wrote don't make no sense now. As the woman at Gim Computer says "Some people like, others don't... I don't care".   

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