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:: Voting ourselves off the Island

Aye, today was a sad day because it's the day we had to leave the sunny islands and return to our wintery, land-locked city. This morning we woke up, packed our suitcases, and caught a taxi to the airport. Overall, the airport was a bit annoying. Not because it was disorganized (which it seemed to be), but because it was the first time we had to mix back in with Americans in a while. Americans who still can't understand why their luggage is being inspected (maybe the Grenada security people didn't see your "taxpayer, non-terrorist" passport). Oof.

I do my little dance on the tarmac

After we checked our bags (and paid the Grenada exit fees), we went into the airport terminal and immediately started looking for something to blow our remaining EC money on. Considering that the airport had rum, t-shirt, and jewelry shops, I think we kept our heads by only buying some breakfast (ok.. and about 5 candy bars for the road). Waiting around for our flight was a drag, as we had to once again hang out with the other Americans and listen to loud people talk about their tropical experiences at different hotels. Oof.

Yep, that's Union -- Photo By Amy!!!

All of our three flights were rather uneventful. Changing planes in Costa Rica was a nightmare, because we had less than an hour to do the customs shuffle. Amy was fairly pissed at the lack of concern and instructions exhibited by the guards. We did the O.J. (er.. as in airport dash, not wife killing) and just caught our flight out. In Miami we had a two or three hour layover, which we used to explore the airport in great detail. Guess what we found there? My next door neighbor (the one in the wheelchair). He was visiting family or something (in addition to the airline losing part of his wheel chair, they also managed to lose his brother. Whoops!).

While in the Miami Airport, I found one of them-there Internet Touch-screen phones and managed to fire off an email to Kelly begging for him to come pick us up in Atlanta. When our flight got in, we were happy to see the fine young lad attempting to decipher the coded information on the baggage terminal monitors (hmmm.. maybe he never actually got our message at all, maybe he was just receiving a transmission from the mothership). In any case he graciously drove us to L5P/East Atlanta, where we promptly ordered beers and a large pizza with jalapeņos. mmm.. yeah, jalapenos, that's just what traveling people should be eating.

I feel like I should end this whole trip-capade thing with some Jerry Springer-style closing thoughts. Er.. Thanks a bunch, Tim and Cambria, for everything. It was great to see you guys (especially in the islands), and once again, you defend your "coolest people we know" title belt. Hopefully, we can talk Steve and Tuba into coming down to see you (at which point we'll turn them into taco-mix mules for you). Aye.. It's going to be hard getting used to this weather again..

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