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:: Donuts in Grenada

So yesterday we said our goodbyes, paid our exit fees, and caught our flight off the island. As promised, it was a pretty exciting trip- it was a small prop plane, that seated about nine people on four two-person benches (the extra person was a kid that sat next to the pilot. I think the kid made everyone nervous when he said "What buttons am I not supposed to push?"). The overall flight took less than twenty minutes, including a stopover we made in Carriacou. Aye.. It was a bit nerve racking looking out the window and thinking about how little was holding us up in the air (needless to say, it brought back memories of the skydiving stories I'm sure you've heard more than once from me).

While we're in Grenada, we're staying at the Siesta Hotel. It's just a few blocks away from the Grand Anse beach (which Amy says is somewhat famous). Last night after we got in, we just walked around a bit trying to find something to eat. We settled on an Italian place just up the street from us. Wow.. While it took forever to get the food, it was worth the wait (especially since we were afraid we'd have to eat at KFC). It was a bit bizarre walking around the neighborhood. For some reason it reminded me a lot of the Technopole in France. Maybe it was just that we had to walk across a large field and through a weird mall (that looked like The Cora) to get anywhere. Ahh.. nostalgia.

The view from the hotel

Today (Tuesday), we woke up and walked down the street to go to a store enticingly marked with a big "Mike's Donuts" sign. Heh heh.. the place was kind of a trip. When we walked in, an older guy (Mike?) was bickering with the lady behind the counter (maybe Mike's wife?) about getting his coffee. On the counter was a jar marked "Swearing Cup" that had several dollars and coins in it. The lady was friendly to us and told us to ignore the other guy as he "thinks he should have his coffee before the customers". When the next guy in line ordered a cup of coffee, Mike said something like "Your going to have to wait, because that asshole out there got the last cup".. We chuckled to ourselves and went to a table outside to munch on our donuts.

After a few minutes Mike came out and had a seat at a table with some customers. While smoking a cigarette, Mike rambled on about different things, occasionally punctuating his sentences with various curse words. In one of his stories he was talking about buying toys for his kid.. The line we liked was something like "We buy all these toys.. his room is like a gaddamn toys-r-us. And you know what he plays with? pots and pans. Eh? Pots and pans!".. Heh heh.. The guy was real friendly, and very likeable for some reason. Amy and I started talking about how we should open a donut store on Union Island (next door to Tim and Cambria's youth hostel, of course), and call it "Craig and Amy's Gaddamn Donuts". Our schtick will be like Mike's, we'll go around angry and swearing all the time, but in a way that's more comical than spiteful. Sigh.. Remind me to start playing the lottery when I get back.

After donuts, we changed at the hotel and walked over to the beach. I guess it's famous because it goes on for so long (plus there are a bunch of resort hotels along the way). After Union, we weren't all that impressed, but hey, it's another tropical island. Every so often a vendor would stroll by trying to sell tourist things.. As Todd would say.. Eh...

Since the food was so good there last night, we went back to the same Italian place for lunch today. Ahh.. I can't begin to describe how good the food was. Maybe it's just that when we're traveling, it's always a relief to find a place that is good and has something Amy can eat (i.e., vegetarian). After lunch we hopped in a packed van and went into St. George's. It's definitely a cute, harbor town. We walked up a hill to an old fort (which looked like it was still being used as a local prison..?), and took in the view. We piddled around the city a bit, but the streets were noisy and busy, so we didn't feel too inclined to stay. We checked email at an internet cafe, and then caught another van back to our area. For dinner tonight we went to a resort up the street. It was a huge mistake, as it was overpriced tourist food. Grenada's been fun, but.. It sort of makes you sad to think about how flavorless these tourist package deals can be.. That's just an opinion though. I'm sure it beats sitting at home looking at the cold Atlanta skies..

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