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:: One last outing..

Since it's been so good to us, we decided Sunday to try Big Sands one last time. It was a good day for snorkeling, as we saw a few lobsters (hanging out below some coral), a few needle-nose fish, and a big sea cucumber (kinda nasty looking). The fish seemed to like us a bit more this time. Maybe it was just because we (finally) remembered to bring along some crackers to feed them.

Before everyone showed up

When I was getting out of the water, I met this older guy from Germany who said he had been coming to Union for ten (or twenty?) years. He was pretty friendly and told me a bit about the island from his perspective. He said that Big Sands used to be even nicer before they built the hotel- the trees used to grow right up on the edge of the beach, so you could catch some shade after a swim. He said he was worried about how developers will probably come and slowly overtake the island. I guess the one natural defense the island has going for it (ironically) is squatter's rights. From what I understand, if you buy a piece of land and there's a local that's been living on the land for some time, the local has some rights to the land. Hopefully, the government will stick with this policy and not let big money push them around..

It was kind of nice hanging out at Big Sands on Sunday because some of the locals came out to the beach to go swimming. A lot of kids from Tim and Cambria's part of the neighborhood were there, so it was nice to feel like we knew some of the folks at the beach. Tim was a bit of a hero to these guys, as he let them borrow the football, snorkeling gear, and a float thing we had brought with us. He also went back into the water to play with the kids after the rest of us had conked out on the picnic table. Cute kids..

Because you never know when that big wave will come

Aye.. The time has really gone pretty fast down here. After Big Sands, we spent a bit of the afternoon trying to figure out how exactly we're going to make our way back home. Our flight out of Grenada isn't until Wednesday, but the boat schedules from here to there are a little rigid. Amy and I finally decided to plunk down the loot and just pay for a flight from Union to Grenada. It costs more than the boat rides, but we're a bit worn out. Plus, Tim and Cambria say that the flight off the island is a bit exciting (or scary, your word choice). After making our reservations, we settled in for the night. We had the last rum, coke, and lime drinks, and watched the super bowl on tv (Henri will be happy to know that every so often, someone would say "Go Bucks!").

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