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:: An Evening at Lambi's

Ooof. Friday's outing left us a bit rough on the edges, so we wound up taking it easy this weekend. Today we just did some snorkeling at Big Sands and hung out. In the evening we bugged Tim and Cambria to let us take them out for dinner somewhere on the island. They suggested a place in Clifton called Lambi's, because (1) Lambi's has a big buffet with all sorts of Caribbean food and (2) their friend Ras-I plays in a steel band there sometimes. Now for the record, both of these items were completely true. The food was pretty good (although I had some trouble eating some of it after watching the chickens, sheep, and goats all week), and the band was really cool (Ras-I was a trip. He would act out parts of the music- falling down, tossing his drum sticks, etc. The amazing thing was that he always made it back to the drums when his part came back in.).

So I say the above two items were true, because the rest of the evening at Lambi's was..rather unexpected (by any of us). Apparently, Lambi has been trying to lure more tourists in since the last time Tim and Cambria ate there. After the band finished, Lambi got on an over-amplified microphone and started rambling on about many things. Stuff like, what a great experience Lambi's is, and how we should tell all our friends (which, I guess we're doing now). At this point, we noticed that there were three girls by the buffet, wearing some traditional (?) dancing clothes and holding a limbo stick. Hmmm.. Sensing the awkwardness of the situation (and how these things usually degenerate), Tim had the smarts to excuse himself from our table, presumably to go to the bathroom or get a drink from the bar.

Meanwhile, Lambi introduces the ladies and says that the lead girl is there to demonstrate some traditional dances. In my head I'm thinking, "ok, well, that'll be awkward, but it's no forced-group-limbo. Maybe the stick thing is for something else.. like a small pole vaulting exhibition. Wouldn't that be interesting?" The lady does her dance, which is interesting but a bit weird since it seems so out of context. It's also a bit awkward because Lambi continues to ramble on over the microphone.. occasionally saying some things he probably shouldn't be saying, but mostly just shouting "Oye!" in time with the music. The fact that Lambi is sort of an older guy with a pot belly, and that he would join in with the dancer sometimes made it kind of creepy.

After the dancing bit, Lambi starts wandering around the room, asking tables where they're from, and poking the microphone in people's bidness so they too could experience the marvels of feedback. France.. Germany.. Belgium.. He started getting closer to our table and still no Americans. Netherlands.. France.. I told Amy "if he asks, say Canada, Amy. Canada." Sure enough, he picked out Amy when he got to our table. "..the US?". Oh well.. While we violated Bob's first rule of travel (never admit you're from the US), it's probably better than attracting Canadians over to the table that would probably bust us, and then go on and on about (aboot?) their fine socialized medical programs.

While the table inquisitions were going on, the dancing girls began setting up the limbo stick up front. I told myself, "ok, so it really is a limbo stick. Don't worry though, I'm sure the limbo will be on a volunteer basis. And by the way, it sure is taking Tim a long time to get that beer.." The next thing I know, Lambi and the girls are going to a French table and trying to encourage some French guys to get up, by well, grabbing his arms. My awkward-social-situation senses finally go off. "Ok, Game over. I know where this is going." I excused myself, and headed to the safety of the buffet table. From there I noticed that Tim was hanging out at the back of the restaurant, near an open door to the docks (ahh.. an escape). I joined him, and soon after, so did Amy and Cambria. It was like we were in some kind of awkward junior prom.

Tim and Cambria were really embarrassed about how things had turned out (which, I hope they know they shouldn't be.. The best travel stories are the ones where you later think, "just what the hell was going on there?" and "how the hell did I get involved in that?"). We had fun. Plus, now we can make Tim wince by saying "Oye!? OYE!?!".

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