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:: Snorkeling at Big Sand

Ahhh.. It's nice to finally be at Tim and Cambria's and officially on vacation. Today we decided to head over to the beach that's closest to Tim and Cambria's place for some snorkeling. After about a 15 minute walk through the underbrush, the path we were on spit us onto a road (well, the road), which brought us down to the coastline. This beach was nice and sandy, and had a rickety, covered picnic table (a relief to those of us who have a history of getting scorched). Right up the beach a bit was a small (10 room) hotel that was built just recently by some Belgium folks (at $150 a night it's the most expensive place on the island). Tim and Cambria said that the folks filming Pirates of the Caribbean might be filming on Union, and if they do, this is the place where Johnny Depp would probably stay. Hmm.. it boggles the mind how our local graph of "six degrees of separation" would change if Tim and Cambria started hanging out with Johnny. We'd be like.. two hops away from Hunter S. Thompson. I wonder how many hops we are away now..

Keeping an eye on the Belgians

Er, anyways, yeah we went to the beach. After dousing ourselves in sunscreen, we put on the snorkeling gear and went out to look at some of the coral. The snorkeling was pretty good (especially for someplace that you could swim out to). In addition to your basic, colorful Caribbean fish, we collectively saw a balloon fish, an eel, a lobster, and even a barracuda (which scared the crap out of Tim for a while..). Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the disposable underwater camera today, so no fishy pictures.

After the snorkeling, we walked over to the Belgium hotel and had some drinks. [Hmm.. sounds like we're in a Hemingway story..] While we were there, Tim and Cambria met with some of the hotel people to check on reserving a room for the mother of another PC volunteer. The mother is some kind of travel writer and is planning on coming down here for a month to work on her next book. They let us check out a few of the rooms (pretty swank.. nice porches, good view of the water, air conditioning, internet.. yeah, this is the place the local will toss if there's ever an uprising). On the way out of the hotel, Cambria stealthily dropped hints that we were walking back to Ashton. This paid off as someone offered us a ride back into town in their pickup truck for free. Ahh.. Life is all about the struggle for bumming free rides off other people..

Mayonnaise Strength Sunscreen

I must say that the sunscreen that Tim and Cambria have is amazing. Today we were out during the brightest part of the day and didn't get any sunburn. It's stuff that they were issued through the PC, which apparently knows what really works. I'll have to get a big box of this stuff for future trips. Anyways, similar to yesterday, Tim and Cambria hung out with us for the rest of the afternoon and then went in to school to teach some classes. Oof. Good thing we didn't suggest that we go climb up that mountain behind Tim and Cambria's place today..

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