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:: Massively Behind Schedule

El Noodle from the future writes:

Ok, so I'm really really really far behind on the updates. The site is now over a year and a half behind and it's been a long time since I've written anything at all. I do like having a record of things, it's just that I only get an hour or two of downtime a day. I'd like to keep the site going, so I need to find a way to get caught up. The simplest thing to do would probably just fast forward and let the last year and a half just disappear. That's not very satisfying, given all the things that happened since the writing tapered off. However, trying to write up all the details now is a lost cause given the amount of time that's gone by and how fuzzy some of the details have become.

The compromise is that in the next month I will try to get caught up by writing short versions of the big events that have happened up until now. The writing is going to suck (more than usual) and the details will be sketchy. My apologies to the people that we're skimping on, but I've got to get this thing back on schedule.

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