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:: Zig-Zagging Home

So.. That about does it for our Portugal adventure. The trip back home was terrible. The day started at 4:30am when we were woken by the dancing pandas on our alarm clock ("Hello!"). A cab driver rushed us through the empty streets to the airport, where we somberly waited for our flight home. Or rather, for our flight to Frankfurt, which is nearly 1,200 miles to the East. We milled about the Frankfurt for something like three hours before our plane to SFO was ready to go. Heh, that flight was kind of interesting because there was this rowdy block of French people in the middle of the plane. They only spoke French and were bewildered that the German flight attendants couldn't understand what they were saying. It was like they (the French) were Americans. As we were leaving, I heard one slowly recite some phrases from a guidebook. "Halllo." "thank...you...very...much". Heh.. good luck, buddy.

Anyways, Amy and I had a pretty good time in Portugal. It's good to get away, especially to a place where the people have such a strong devotion to pastries.

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