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:: Heading Home

Well, that about does it for the visit to Union (Now I'm only about two months behind in writing these stupid things). Saturday, we packed up and went back to Union's tiny little airport. Pete, Amy, and I waved goodbye to Tim and Cambria from the plane, and then we were on our way. Here are a couple of pictures from the way out.

Big Sands in the morning

Big Pete in the Plane

A big empty beach

Check out that island's runway

The trip back was a nightmarish blur. In Barbados we had to leave the airport, wait in a long line, and come back in. We bought an outrageous amount of junk food, and a $9 newspaper (er, Amy clarifies that Craig is the one that bought the newspaper). In Miami we cleared customs without any inspections, and then devoured nasty stuff from pizza hut. I don't even remember what happened at SFO. Somehow we made it back here, though.

Tim and Cambria wave goodbye

Anyways, if you haven't seen them, I've put some of the better pictures from the trip in the foto section. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, the water really is that color. Now, back to our regularly scheduled dull lives.

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