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:: Big Sands

Since Amy and I were still worn out from all the traveling we did yesterday, we decided that today would be a good day to just hang out at Big Sands and take it easy. Big Sands is this nice sandy beach that's just on the other side of the hills from T&C's place. It has nice, calm waters that are good for snorkeling, and there's a fancy-but-tiny hotel there that has good food (Amy and I are going to stay there for the last two nights of this trip). We tossed a water-frisbee around for a while and then split into groups to make do with the equipment we had. Amy, Cambria, and I took the first round with the snorkel gear, while Tim and Pete took off in the hotel's kayaks.

It felt good to be back in the warm Caribbean waters. It was quite a contrast to Monterey, where you needed a full wet suit to stay alive. The snorkeling was pretty good- we swam out to a nearby reef and watched all the colorful, local fish going about their fish business. Cambria managed to spot an octopus, but Amy and I missed it because we were on the other side of the reef. The swimming tired me out pretty fast. The current around the reef was a bit rough. Plus, we didn't have flippers, which I've apparently become dependent on from my scuba class. After the swim, we headed back to the beach, where we had lunch and a few colorful, sissy drinks at the hotel's beach-side restaurant.

The water at big sands

Later on, Amy and I gave the kayaks a try. They were single-person boats. which turned out to be a lot easier to manage than the tipsy, dual-person kayaks that we had used in Hawaii (and elsewhere). We were both able to paddle in straight lines and not flip the boats. This was reassuring after the people on our kayak trip in Hawaii looked at us like we were idiots for not being able to control our kayak. We paddled along with a couple of local kids that were taking an old surfboard out to the reef to try a few surfing experiments. I'm not sure what their ultimate surfing goal was with the small waves, but they were all grins, so everything was cool.

Pete said I had the "perm-a-grin" on, the first couple of days

We bummed around the beach for the rest of the day, with Tim making periodic calls to the airport to see if the rest of our luggage had made it in. At the end of the day, we caught Justin's van over to the airport to see if anything arrived on the last flight. Woohoo- my bag at least was there, which meant that Amy and I were in good shape for tomorrow's snorkeling trip. Unfortunately, nothing came for Pete, so he was stuck wearing dirty clothes for another day. Hurrumph. Maybe someone should tell the airline that he's on his way to becoming a big, powerful lawyer. Hopefully they'll show up tomorrow.

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